Life in India means ‘Unity in Diversity’. But are we really experiencing this true spirits of Unity?

India is really a blessed land when it comes to cultures and religions. A tapestry of mixed cultures woven together with strong thread of patriotism makes the million people of India, true Indians . We are one for all and all for one. We celebrate, dance and dine together. But, in recent years, in the light of religion, caste and other diversities, we are shedding blood into our peaceful and jubilant lives. Young as well as old, even kids, are entering the dangerous world of terrorism, and worse, in the names of religion. Is there a religion in any part of this world that preaches to kill and promote violence?  Ask to ourselves.

The real scenario

Long back, religions were there to serve people in need, to celebrate togetherness, to support society and to scare away offenses. Now the world is taking religion itself as a weapon to fight against its fellow beings. Are our beliefs blinding us? Or is religion much above than humanity? Peace is the reason why man created gods or god created man for. Are we really in the right path?

Millions are getting killed around the world in the name of a religion or god. Even kids who do not know god, religion or rules and beliefs are killed. The stains of their blood will never make anything “holy” nor will it take the killer to “moksha”. God is supposed to be the ultimate peace and religion is the rules to the peace. Its a high time that we actually realize that peace and violence are diametrically opposite cases. One can’t peace in violence or vice-versa. Why cannot we accept people just as a human with blood and flesh? What changes are their in the DNA of a Hindu and Christian or Muslim?

Prick with a needle..does it hurt? Place hand over flame..does it burn? Honestly, this happens the same to people irrespective of religion. When there is a natural calamity or rain and sunshine are not for a specific religion or will it ever change with religious influences. All these makes sense that, Our real creator, mother nature is same and impartial to every caste, gender and race. The rest of the walls and diversities are man-made and more over much destructive than an atom bomb.


The earth we stand on is nearly 4.54 billion years old. Every minute, every second there is a risk of getting hit by meteorite or a solar flare. Added to this we are doing our best to keep up global warming as well as in increasing pollution. Beyond this there are other threats like famine and droughts and all other natural calamities. So, each one of us are living each day amidst of these many risks. The probability of a new day is lesser day by day. In the middle of all these, we are killing each other in the one-third of landmass we luckily had. Does this makes any logical sense? Live for peace or die for it. But killing for it is much more of a insanity.