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When Kangana Ranaut spilled the beans about her ex counterpart, it took the industry in vague assumptions about silly break ups as most of the observant men seem to endure superiority within the industry, stirring low gazes at women. While most of the love stories end without any feud but KH’s wasn’t easy, rather it had an ugly rally of numerous rumors and absurd controversies that spurred between the two. Elites breaking up is a routine but nobody dare speak about the true bits of the story, most of the times women victims emerge into bouts of fear that it might troll them to a huge career risk while men enjoy their reign by the pampered nature raining from their God fathers or fathers.

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Most of the women expect no labeling, no shaming and consider playing a silent victim on the other side of the card, is that the society wants their women to do? It’s not always a bare necessity that the grass should be greener on the other side and sometimes it could be the other way around. It’s always a women’s fault, considered such in our society.

What she is trying to prove is that there’s nothing wrong in confessing admiration to a man and accepting one for their sexual desires. Since, people are reigning forward with the new age technology but swimming way behind to secure the new age culture; maybe for a woman there’s no place for freedom of speech and rights to live.

Kangana Ranaut without any doubt is a women of substance, she is also very bold, fierce and strong headed women. Nobody would have ever imagined a small town, “Gangster girl” who abandoned her home to proceed her dreams and freedom to live, would have come this far in her journey spurred with unexpected fireworks.

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Though Kangana is no longer known as a shy girl, instead she can be considered as a wonder woman because of the undying spirit that lies in her.

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Ranging from fire in her belly, Kangana Ranaut proves to be the warrior woman breaking the ugly boundaries of her past relationships. She is out and open in the wild about the alleged affair with Hrithik. Her highly anticipated legal battle with Hrithik might have ended but it left her with bitter memories that she seems to be not leasing out. Though, now she admits to the fact that she has stormed into a great butt of jokes but seems that it is not hindering her to stop the fog.

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Highly controversial chapter “Lipstick Under My Burka” was banned for million reasons, if brought to light once again, no women can endure the pain of hearing “you have no rights”. Why is there such a thing in India to give women their rights and a word of say?

Every issue relating to women’s rights is seen in such a bad light in the society. Though, everything turns ugly and gets to it’s own hyperspace in media in several ways. There’s so much said for women’s rights and no action is brought to light. While most of the Indian men expect their ladies to shelter behind four walls, wrapped up with covered skin. Let your lady out for once and see the magic!

Record breaking women such as Sania Mirza could live the life she possibly needed to safeguard her future, she has scored well as her parents had never drawn a full stop to her process of development and growth.