‘Strength lies in unity”. The proverb above is a fact that the world knows, but usually, never remembers. Since the time of the Aryans, we were finding reasons just to divide ourselves into different groups. Our long Indian history has accounts of caste based reservation, color, gender and what not. Yes, we believe all these problems were solved too by 1947, after the long struggle for independence. We no more find untouchability or other practices anywhere around us, so, peace! Caste Based Reservation, for us, is not even an applicable matter for our late night dreams. But, there is this one major problem – ‘Caste based reservation in our educational systems’. By the way, how is this a major problem for our nation?

Caste based reservation
An undergoing protest by students against Caste based reservation

Practically, a chance of representation should be given to the disadvantaged groups and nearly 85% of nationals agree to this as well. Caste Based Reservation to minorities cannot be excluded in a country with a rich and diverse culture like India. The problem is first, we are using this chance of representation on a caste basis and secondly, that we implement this in our education. We, all Indians are proud about the CEO’s from Indian backgrounds working at multinational companies abroad. Just think why India is still a ‘developing country’ even after she has a blessing of such people with this high potential.

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In our 21st century, we have rich as well as poor people in India with the evergreen disparity. We earn money, not on a caste basis. There are richer than the rich people from disadvantaged groups and poorer than poor people from the general. So, Caste Based Reservation in education is not relevant anymore. After all, our education teaches us ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Our education system holds entrance exams for an eligibility-check for professional courses. Sadly, a factor that determines your eligibility weighs your caste more than your talent. There are a really blessed few individuals, who were denied their opportunities to explore the best colleges in India and reach their dreams just because of these divisions. We can’t afford to lose our youth to multinational companies abroad. On my account, one reason why people tend to stay, learn and work abroad is that their talents are given the least preferred. Don’t you think that there is a need for a change without losing the representation of minorities?

If we could improve our educational system in such a way that reservation only exists on economic-basis, may be it will help. Obviously, the ones that are from challenging situations, as well as weak economic backgrounds, are the ones that need a support. Only light of education can provide them this support and they should be reserved some space for the rich and wealthy. In addition, if this works properly, then the ‘evergreen disparity’ between the rich and poor gets reduced and also, India will have many more bright leaders and achievers. Soon, we will have a chance to place the name; ‘India’ among the developed countries rather than the developing.

‘Change’ is something we cannot change and it is really time for us to think about a revision. None of us want to segregate ourselves and loosen our strength based on these factors. Deep in our hearts, we find the greatest courtesy in calling ourselves ‘Indians’. Together lets us hope for an India with a greater future than the past and many more great achievements. Jai Hind.