India is budding into the category of developed nations. At this point what changes are essentially needed to our nation?

Indians are one of the smartest brains in the world. Be it man on the moon or an Oscar-winning movie,- Hands of an Indian will be certainly there behind the curtains. Also, India was always blessed with natural elements and a verdant topography as well. With such gifts of glorious past and Intelligent brains, we are still one of the developing countries.

Yes, India is changing really quick Politically, socially, scientifically and economically. There may not be an absolute cure for all our injustice-issues, but certainly, there are some changes we all feel like wanting. Some changes that we personally believe to be the right move to help boost our country’s development. As quoted by the great thinker, Heraclitus, “Change is the Only constant.” So a little step to a positive shift makes all the difference. In my personal perspective, these are some changes that make India be a better as well as safer place to live in.

  • Give Farmer their Land.

Food is one of our basic needs. Education may change the world and Money may rule this world, but nothing survives without food.

We rely on farmers for our food, but do we ever care about the life of a farmer? Statistics show a higher rate of farmer suicides due to drought and other issues. We respect Doctors and Engineers, but we are ignoring one of the most important professionals. In India, we are taught as food is the god; So the one who works to get us the food must be given much more importance. Farmers should be given more lands, with better technologies and efficient financial supports.

  • On Food And Education.

Certainly, we need development. Bullet trains, metro-rails, and Airports are all needed. But In our country, 50% of our population is struggling for food and majority of our children suffers from malnutrition.

More investments in food and education, certainly lighten up better hopes for future. An investment in education is always the best. Let our children grow, rise and lead our nation with a strong body and powerful mind of wisdom.

  • Reservations.

In a country with such a huge population, reservations are extremely necessary to make sure that every minority group gets a chance. But why should we restrict this reservation on a caste basis?

Reservation based on economical basis is what we really in need of. Especially when it comes to education and profession “reservation” should be given much weight-age. Not all students in general category are born with brains to fall above the 99% cut off marks nor are the children from other categories less intelligent for it. If reservation aims at the minority, then giving it an “economical-touch” will help it better. It will make sure that financial struggles will never stop a child from dreaming high.

  • Let the girls be safe.

This is certainly one of the most discussed and debated topics of our century. Girls have rights and they need to be protected from the eyes of the evil. Let the light of the women shine.

  • Finally, Let the youth lead the way.

Youth needs a political platform to express more ideas that may help change our nation. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Give them a platform to speak and wings to fly – We will certainly see a new India in a shorter time.