True Spirit Of A Spoilt Brat!!

Aditya Narayan launched his career in Bollywood industry when he was just a tot, he was born in 1987 on 6th August and was raised in Bombay. He completed his schooling like a regular boy from Utpal Sanghvi high school in 2003 and later completed junior and senior year from Mithibai college of commerce. Aditya Narayan now serves his position as a reputed playback singer, actor and a television presenter in the industry and is also the son of a legendary playback Bollywood singer Udit Narayan. Adi has always been known for his ‘goody with two shoes’ image on a popular singing TV show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”

Aditya Narayan, who has cubed his image since the very young age, for his ‘chocolate boy’ personality, turned into a total brat in the wake of an unexpected airport brawl. It’s not always surprising to see industry kids misbehave, they are raised with immense affection and attention, not Adi’s fault!

Aditya Narayan was found illegally carrying excess luggage weighing 40 kgs with him along with his boy band at the airport, when he was charged to pay 13,000 Rs, he lost his calm and refused to pay more than 10,000 Rs in rage. Junior Narayan was caught spitting loud and vulgar abuses, hence turning down the Indigo airline’s employees with nasty unnecessary threats. This isn’t it! According to the sources, Aditya was also caught hurling verbal abuses at a female employee, we wonder why a complaint against him wasn’t filed or maybe we respect industry dudes too much? He definitely seemed to carry a high call on ego, somebody bring him down! Adi surprised his fans and has received ample amount of racial remarks towards his immature and aggressive persuasion in the public platform.

Udit Narayan released few statements about his son.

Airlines ki taraf se toh kuch bhi nahin aaya, agar waha se kuch aata toh pata chalta. Ab pata nahi kisne video banaya and har jagah daal diya. Meri Aditya se iss baare mein kuch baat nahi hui hai.

Main itna hi kehna chahunga that since his childhood he has been a good child [boy] aur usne acha kaam kiya hai and pata nahi yeh waha pe kya aapas mein jhagda hua, discussion hua. Video mein toh woh gusse mein lag raha hai, I don’t know the exact incident because I was not there. I saw the viral video on television. Main kya kahoon iss baare mein kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai. I think you should talk to Aditya.

source: MidDay


Aditya released his latest obscene track recently, 1 day following the airport brawl controversy, the lyrics goes by-

Squats laga ke, hips hila ke

Oh she know she got a body like a bomba

Shake tu kar le, flow mein aa ke

Cuz you know you got a body like a bomba

Chal mere jaana, tujh ko dikha doon, boy the way I do

Kuch na chupa na, nazrein hain tujh pe, yeah I’m gonna make you move

Khelun jab aise, apni adaaon se, I’m getting on your mind

Sabh ko bhula ke, call me a criminal and you’re gonna be my crime

Sexy boy tujhko crazy kar de sexy ye figure

Like a wire aa jala doon fire lagne de idhar