The World is waiting for FIFA 2018. Are you excited?

The world Sang ” Waka Waka” with the pop diva, Shakira, on 2010. A moment of joy and togetherness in the hearts of every football lover. The darkest continent, Africa was all lit and vibrant with the people from all over the world; Gathered just to watch a great event; The FIFA World Cup.

Once in every Four years; every heart beats to watch the FIFA, an international event. Over the years, Football has turned to more than a game; a part of our emotions. The Happy news is that the waiting is almost going to end with 2018. Yes! After the long four years, FIFA is back again.

This Time for…

How much does the world know about FIFA? Let us check for some details.

The FIFA Stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association; but simply, FIFA is better. The world is the ground for this one of a great football event. Founded on 1904, The federation serves membership to almost to 211 national associations, with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Just for a matter of knowledge; the motto is For the Game. For the World. Now Let us have a look at the countries that held FIFA since 2000.

On 2002, Japan And South Korea were the platforms for World Cup and on 2006 Germany took the place. 2010, FIFA at South Africa was one among the most famous events in history. And On 2014, Brazil took the stage. So, What about 2018? The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia – see Y’all there.

Ladies First

Is there a football world cup, like FIFA, for women?

Well, if the answer is a yes or no, the fact is that there is. The Women’s World Cup or The FIFA Women’s World Cup is an international event, where women will have the ground. The event was founded on 16 November 1991. Currently, The United States is Champions as well as the most successful team. The last women’s world cup was on 2015, in Canada. And the next one will be on 2019 at France. So, here is the double bonus.


The New And Old Controversies

The World Cup has also witnessed a number of controversies, just like any other organizations. Though there are some serious reasons for this, ultimately, after every four years, FIFA comes up to the ground with more excitement than the previous year.

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The involvement of politics and corruption is one major reason for the degrading of good sports and sportsperson. One thing we all have to remember is that; the very spirit of sport is the sole dedication and it cannot be bought with money or any kinds of bribes. When the match is straightforward; without foul plays and cheating, even a non-football person enjoys to the very core.

Time for the goal

Since 2014, the world was bearing the suspense to know more about the 2018 FIFA. And now its finally, almost time for us to watch a good match. Once again the applauds, the crowds, and the colors will fill our hearts and soul. So, say ” Goal” for your favorite team.