Though not our national sport, Cricket is India’s dream sport. The dream of that many wants to achieve.

India has many religious as well as cultural diversities, which have been used to divide Indians into many occasions. But, there is one moment when all Indians unite and celebrate with a single heart- The IPL seasons. Yes, be it a busy-day, bad-day, exam-day or good-day; when there is a match being played, every Indian family member will settle down and enjoy it together. In fact, in this busy world, where a family get-together is such a rare sight to spot, gladly we Indians love and unite for cricket like no other. This shows the true Indians spirit as well as the love for cricket.

The Powerful Inspiration.

For the first time, history sheered the footsteps, when a 16-Year-old, Mumbai-born simple boy entered the world of Indian cricket. Since then, the young batsman played many matches, outstanding world records; grew in fame but humble in deeds. The heart-rob of Indians and the evergreen inspiration for all cricket-lovers- The god of cricket- Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin was, is, and will be a powerful source of inspiration for millions of little minds in India and around the world. The master-blaster flew to glory from a simple life because of his strong will. The game got a new life and form with Sachin, and on earth, Indians won’t miss the chance to watch the match when master-blaster is playing on the ground. There are many more stories of inspiration and success. The cricket-legends have a great role shaping many minds.

The regular trend

Most of us, at a young age, had a passion to be something great and unique when we grow up. Being cricketer and playing on behalf of the National Cricket team was a real dream for many. Ultimately, life twisted and turned and we are made to engineers and doctors (mostly to please someone or society). Dreams remained just like a simple-short dream.

This is a regular scenario. Once when responsibilities and burdens of life encroach into our peaceful world, dreams are left behind and priorities change to something else. But what we have to learn from the life of achievers is that; they achieved not because things were naturally favorable for them, but because they were ready to dare. Many who dream bigger end up being something else, not cause they lost the will but the will was not strong enough.

Indians love cricket and yes, we are waiting for much more Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev. Cricket is not just a match for many of us, but a breath of passion. It is essential to play hard and keep up the passion with integrity and dignity to raise to real-player. Be strong against the storm and dream till they are true. Maybe you can be the future promising choice of Indian-cricket.

“Success is a process…During that journey sometimes are thrown at you, and you convert them to milestones” – Sachin Tendulkar. This is the sweet and simple motivation for all those who dream about the bat and ball game. May a million cricket-dreams find the track to reality.