In the recent news, all we can see in the brewing storm of the some of the strongest world leaders hurling abuses at each other and threatening an impending war. Is there a larger picture of this whole scenario or we are to see through the view of petty misunderstandings which are tragically small compared to the agenda to wiping off an entire country?

Over the past century, as the communications and interlinked networks have been formed between the countries and continents, the war also tried to tear it apart time to time. If we were to view this from the administrative point of view, if any outsider threatens our security which we have taken years to build, retaliation seems to be the only option, and it gets ugly! There have been instances when war has become very ugly, resulting in destroyed precious lands and the innocent people dwelling there.


Why are these attacks happening?!

One of the ugliest attacks in the recent past, is the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions, a twin city murder led by the US in 1945, which eventually ended the war but at what cost? Complete destruction of the land, resulting in a barren land which is still recovering today. Did a cold-blooded execution alter their minds of war? It seems not, because of the huge research on nuclear weapons led by almost every stable country right now, building an army of nuclear missiles to be launched and the area of destruction in the latest ones have tragically increased with the largest tested bomb is the Tsar Bomba by the Russia in 1961 with 50 megatons of TNT.

Talking about impending wars, religion added to the mix did not bode well, the 9/11 attacks are one of the biggest and most remembered attacks of the recent past, an attack on the Twin Towers of the US, New York,  resulting in the death of about 3000 people and 6000 injured! Which didn’t involve an entire religion rather some people belonging to a particular religion, because of which has caused such widespread misunderstanding, shunning them from the rest of the world? How is this even fair? No person is to be judged something they are born into rather only to be judged into what kind of person they have grown up to be!

Other types of brewing wars, is the dragged misunderstandings from a long time ago between the countries, like how India and Pakistan are, we are grown with the idea to hate, for the sake of it, which is tragical on so many levels, the most recent attack is the 26/11 in Mumbai, with a goal to kill as many Indians as possible, with around 44 killed and 150 injured.

We can see the recurring idea here, a misunderstanding is being fed onto the generations, rather than to mend the gap! These orders to annihilate countries consisting of several million people depend on their leaders in charge and depends on how they access the situation and how they want to progress with the provocation!

It seems that every civilization is constantly feeling threatened by the other civilizations over the world and live in constant fear of being wiped out and hence stock the weapons with reasons of wiping the other country clean before the others do theirs, but this isn’t a cowboy showdown, it’s a massacre and it isn’t to be taken lightly!