As I begin to pound my thoughts on this topic, the first thing that came to my mind is ‘nepotism’, which is defined as ‘favouritism within the known boundary’. This word brings to my mind the slash of incidents from Kangana Ranaut’s life that slew social media and made rounds of gossips of her alleged relationships with her co-stars and her tiffs with the bigwigs of the industry. In several TV interviews of her that I happened to watch, she has spoken about her days of yore, how she has struggled and stood courageously to reach where she is today. While, undeniably, she has proved her skills in performing arts and has made some great contributions through her work of art to the Indian cinema, there are some fellow actors, from within or outside the fraternity, who enjoy celebrity status; however has not set any great mark proving of their good work on their journeys to become potential artists.

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Celebrity Status Debate
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Low-fame Actors

Sometimes these actors have just carried out one big hit on their shoulders and rest of their career graph has majorly seen slump, still they manage to enjoy celebrity status and grab the spotlight through their own ways of either their repetitive presence at various high-profile parties, award-shows, cameo roles in some movies, or having known as star sons and daughters.

So, what is the point I am trying to bring out here is that today it is not just the talent and achievements that keep you going but there are an array of other options that can tag you as shutterbugs favourite. And, this tagging, seriously, need no major skills that you can equate with talent. Don’t you agree, then, I have some examples to present before you to make you clearly see what I am drawing you all at.

Celebrity Status brought these actors in Bollywood
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Successful Parents, Not So Successful Descendants

For that matter, there are several examples from within or outside the industry who are working for a long time now but still looks more like wannabe braggarts with no major successes in their bags (which does not mean that they would never taste the success) like Zayed Khan, son of yesteryear hero, Sanjay Khan. In spite of having filmy blood running into Zayed’s veins and knowing the thick-and-thin of how the industry works, he has not seen any major appreciation for any of his roles so far in all his films. It is not that his stars, luck, or work is at fault or should be blamed for this, but sometimes, some people taste the success early and for some their hard work see fruitful results little late in their lives. So, in the pretext of the fate, everybody gets in what they want in their due course of time.

Celebrity Status didn't work for them
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Compromised Work

Apart from the examples from within the industry, there are few wannabe braggarts, like Poonam Pandey, for that matter. These aspirant wannabes just have got no special talent other than showing off their cleavages and releasing some nudity stuff over social media to grab people’s or camera’s attention. Their talent is really not directed in the right direction with right energies. Such hopeful aspirants make as high with as low clothes turn on or off on them. While this is their way of gaining popularity, in that they don’t realize they are bringing the sanity of the world down.

Not only have this, but also the concept of reality shows really set back the mindset aghast at its cruelty. People don’t know what they are promoting or doing on national TV, who is watching it, and how it is impacting people; it is nobody’s business to look at it from a wise-man perspective. Run for the money is all intention and targeted.

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Come on people, there has to be some sanity in what you are doing and showing to the world. You need to possess at least some pure talent than just only promoting hatred and selfishness over the frame. I believe you think it in a purposeful way and start fostering some great work for the future generation. That’s all is required to be appreciated and remembered.