I came upon a picture today from Haikujam while browsing Instagram. It said ‘Indian Problems: Degrees define young people, instead of abilities.’ And I would agree to that. Why won’t I? Isn’t it true in India?

We study in school. We go to college. We get degrees. We get jobs based on our qualifications. And then we start our journey in the practical world of jobs. Many of us get placement from campus but others have to struggle to get the opportunities by applying on various websites.

And there while working we understand that a B.Com student will get less pay as compared to an M.Com student. The reason? Qualification difference. Just because he spent 2 more years as a student he is more eligible to a higher salary. A new C.A. joinee in a Tech firm will get 3x-4x salary as compared to a new joinee from a technical background. The same reason applies here too. And this is not only in the corporate sector. The same case applies to promotion – a degree and you will be considered for a promotion. Even in government sector like teaching, you got to have further certificates to be eligible for promotion. You won’t get ahead if you don’t have the qualification.

Holding a graduate Degree
group of graduates holding a degree

But then do qualifications actually speak about the person’s ability? Is the expenditure of money and time on a specific certificate worth when you are not able to work in that industry? Is it worth going to a full-time college or distance learning just to get a certificate so you can keep it in a showcase just to show off how much you have learned? I understand about those who want to get the degree and learn things but what about those who are forced to and who are not interested in the content of the studies in that specific degree? Is it right for a degree to enhance your worth then your abilities to do things?

That’s not all. To learn say Psychology a person has to complete the degree of B.A (Bachelor of Arts) which contains subjects like History, Economics. Is it really a requirement to study Economics? Is it beneficial to that person in his later life? He anyways, do not wish to be an Economist.

I have a friend who is a housewife. The last time I visited her house she showed me how she decorated her house, how she made a room look vintage and her dilemma in finding the right clock for the room. Will someone who has so much sense in designing, who has never gone through any related course have to spend like 2-3 years of her life taking the degree and diploma before applying for a job? Will she be chosen with no relevant degree? Will her work at home be enough to get her in the designing industry?

For those who are unaware, Haikujam is a mobile app created by a U.K. based company where 3 people can create a haiku which is a type of Japanese poetry.