Is Delhi the city where you live? If YES, you will be asked this question with disgusting remarks, so don’t be surprised. I am sure you can strike an idea why you have been asked this, however, if you don’t, “air pollution” will refresh your memory. These outbursts are the outcomes of prevailing state of the city. Clearly, Delhiites and the people of India are responsible for air pollution which has lead us to such a dreadful condition of our city and country.

Mariela Cruz Alvarez on Air Pollution

Air pollution in Delhi
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This is what Costa Rica envoy, Mariela Cruz Alvarez, has said about air pollution in Delhi and Bangalore in her recent visit to India. She said she had no idea of the quality of air here until she collapsed. She remarked that the air pollution level has reached impossible numbers and it won’t be a surprise if I say the cities of India are threatening places to live in. I’m used to living in paradise and my clean Costa Rican lungs have been affected since I have visited India. She appealed to the people exclaiming that the blue planet is crying and the air pollution should be taken care of by each Indian. They must feel responsible to bring a change to make India a green country. Apparently, it is not a proud feeling to be called Delhiite or an Indian if this is the image others portray of us.

Not surprised by why this is happening to the city. This is what our government officials are doing about exceeding air pollution. Each party representative marks their presence on popular News channels just for the sake of seeking popularity and for merely showing up when called. But, actually, they are doing nothing just rolling the ball of a blame game from one party to another party. The party’s spokespeople are fighting with each other over the hurdles each one is facing over many issues that prevail in the city but not a single party tries to make an effort to bring the focus back towards the alarming state of the city arising out of severe air quality. If they would keep their differences blowing out of their ‘not-able-to-do-work-in-time’ aside, the people could breathe clean and fresh air.

For an instance, following incident will show how the ball is rolled from each party representative and department to another party and department. The Leader from Opposition in Delhi Assembly, Vijender Gupta, alleged that the AAP party has not spent a single penny from the environment cess fund to combat Delhi’s air pollution. Not only this but, he also apprised that the AAP officials did not hand over the quarterly report on the details of the expenditure done from the fund to the Supreme Court as mandated by it. But, on the other side, we read that the AAP and BJP MLAs, Kapil Misra and Manjinder Singh Sirsa, during their protest against smog and air pollution in Delhi have put the anti-pollution mask on the Gandhi Statue at Gyarah Murti, which was later removed by the policemen, as shown in the image in the newspapers. Even the odd-even car rationing scheme did see many hurdles for the various motives known to many parties only.

So, in these wee hours, all Delhiites must come together and take this challenge to curb air pollution to make Delhi a clean place to live in.