Be a part of these “Non Governmental Organizations” (NGOs) initiatives that could aid you with the best career choices ahead. Get ready to work with these exciting NGOs in Bangalore and turn it into a part time job! These are the list of 7 NGOs that can get you enrolled in the “university of humanity”.

  1. CRY

source: thealternative

CRY, an association of public action group which holds ground on child rights and initiates each movement in high professionalism and sincere work force. CRY focuses to stamp out the Gender inequality, child trafficking, child marriage, child labor, education of girl child, etc. CRY’s main vision is to eliminate any violence and inhumanity that infringes upon the rights of the children.

2. Hasirudala

source: Hasirudala

Since, the city is struggling with staggering tints of over polluted waste and dirt littering the streets, you have a chance to change your city by paying a contribution to make it cleaner. Enroll your name to be a part of Hasirudala, a “waste picking” initiative that aid in generating your society to be clean and free from diseases.

3. Vidyaranya

source: vidyaranya

This is a beautiful organization that works towards the betterment of lives of the children and women who are in distress. Vidyaranya is an initiative that focuses on the grounds of providing the best solutions for victims inflicted with traumatic situations. Vidyaranya puts the best foot forward to provide decent shelter and other needful requirements to aged, special children and to those women deeply affected by trauma based acts.

4. Make A Difference

source: yentha

MAD is a full fledged foundation that believes in sheer hard work of their team and raising volunteers. This foundation has reached immense amount of success across the country and chose to let it’s mission and vision to bloom a breakthrough result within the parameters. Being part of “MAD” will surely give you a much more disciplined life and teach you the pros and cons of the real world. “Make a difference” has changed the lives of millions of children in distress, the poor ones who are not able to flourish, the right to live in their households, hence MAD has joined a hard working team of spirited young adults to provide a better surrounding to shelter them.

5. Akshaya Patraya

source: Akshaya Patraya

Akshaya Patraya is a full time fundraising NGO that takes upon the responsibilities in educating homeless children and providing them with the basic human needs such as food and shelter. You can work with this heartening initiative by supporting and providing anything helpful possible from your side.


“Teach for India” (TFI) is a reputative NGO that takes the responsibility of teaching children who doesn’t get an opportunity to rely on books for self development and to build a good future. Since, our education system lacks an ability to provide the children with a corrupt free background, hence it should be considered a basic human right but unfortunately it doesn’t touch the backward class. If you adore children, don’t miss an opportunity to change a life or make a positive influence on the needy.

7. Vimochana

source: staloysiusdegreecollege

Vimochana is an NGO that believes in social work towards women empowerment. Their main mission is to help those helpless women inflicted by any form of harm caused to them at home. You can support by donating to helpless women who are in distress to make their lives better. Vimochana therefore helps and supports the women’s rights by uplifting them.