Our world is at its golden glory of development. Brand new technologies and easier techniques are making its way into our lives every day. And that is one reason why we have more engineers in this world than any other professionals. With so much of talented professionals being ‘ a successful engineer’ is much different. So what does this success actually mean? And why we have so many unemployed engineers especially in a country like India, where development is more demanding. Let’s us find out.

In the present scenario, The one thing that haunts most engineering aspirants is; “Fear of  Unemployment.” But, in the light of today’s competitive world, unemployment is not limited just with a single profession. Choose any course, winning a job is just based on your personal handwork and interests. So having millions of unemployed professionals does not mean that no one will ever find success in that particular profession. So, here are some tips that will help ease the stress and worries of every engineering-aspirants.

1. Let’s Break the Myths

One evergreen myth about engineering is, engineering is basically for “mathletes.” Yes, Of course, it requires some advanced math skills that can be well attained by an average student through practice and patience. As a well-known quote says; “Nothing is impossible”. So, Let this not stop you from your dream profession. Whatever ahead, believe in yourself and keep going forward, success is all yours.

2. Alma mater Matters

A good foundation is extremely necessary to build up all big sky-scrapers. And for young college students, that platform of opportunities relies completely on your choice of institutions. A National or State level University guarantees vivid exposure, a good faculty, and better placements.  For any professional course, work for the best, choose the best.

Luckily in India, Students have an array of IITs (Indian Institute of technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology) and some extremely good state universities. Other than these, overseas education is trending in now in our country. There are many countries out there, that supports students through scholarships and grants. Take ample time and decide on a good university that matches you. So, set off your preparations right now, just for the best.

3. There is always a choice

Engineering is always ever-expanding. There is brand new streams of engineering added every year. Some years back, Bio-learners were all set for medical courses. With the introduction of courses like Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, etc. even Bio-learners now stand a chance. These new courses have helped improve our nation as well as helped aspire the dreams of many.

Other than relying always on the common streams, try your brains in something much more exciting and interesting.  A wide variety of choice is always good for young explorers.

4. Experience and Supplements

Be it any course, choosing the right supplements promises a better future. Don’t simply stop with a single basic degree and be like the many. Keep going on, widen your horizon of wisdom, find more and more about what is needed and what will glorify your degree more. A good knowledge of computer and applied technology as well as a good hold on the English language is well appreciated in most professions.

Maybe, a basic degree may not earn you a 5 digit salary. Work for experience and learn more about the practical side of the chosen professional course. Make social connections that are helpful and Don’t forget to use the internet to find much-advanced knowledge and improving technologies. Also, Believe that hard work certainly pays off.

5. Rome was not built in a day

This is such a meaningful saying! There is one thing that we acquire out of the textbooks and colleges,- Experience. And this valuable lesson comes with time.  Be patient and stick to what you do, if it’s on the right path, someday it will bear sweet fruits for each and every drop of sweat.

Engineering is one profession among many, where there is an extremely tight competition. So, if one does not find success soon, does not mean a dead-end.

6. Brush up your ideas

Creativity is what that help anyone stand out from the rest. Have ideas that are practical and unique. But how do ideas pop into one’s head? The answer is simple, know more and wide about what that has been already learned. Get to know about new technologies and the necessities around.

In a field like engineering and technology, new ideas that help mankind will be well accepted. So think more and be a little more creative.

7. Be professional

Finally, anything you do – Be professional. keep up its standards, work with integrity and dignity and always hope for the best. In addition to all these, do everything in your unique style and be yourself.

Hope these few tips are useful and help in dreaming bigger, really bigger.