Inspiring stories of Indian women

My heart skips the beat, my mind goes numb, and my eyebrows rise in surprise when I read jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring real stories of all the Indian women who, in the true sense, are living the rightful meaning of the term empowerment. In this piece of reading, we would bring you closer to these exemplary Indian women who have broken the old stereotypes that say women are the weaker sex. They have defied age-old blind practices, chose exquisite paths which no other has walked before while keeping the respect and dignity intact for themselves as well as of others. These women have lived pain and pleasure equally in life and are not willing to just let go of the voice of their inner selves for which they feel strongly.

Here are the several roles which these Indian women have led on their shoulders where pain worked for them as their motivation. You may or may not know about them but from today you would never miss a moment to know more about them whenever you will hear their names. These simple and soft-hearted yet brave and strong ladies short-stories are mentioned below:

  1. Dorris Francis

    Inspiring Indian Women
    Image Courtesy: Media India Group

‘Dorris Francis’ whose ill fate brought a sudden change in her role from being an avid mother to an unarmed traffic cop when she lost her daughter in an accident at Delhi-Ghaziabad border on NH-24 because of the poor traffic management. Currently, she suffers from cancer yet manages traffic for 4-hours at the same spot, every day, to save others.

  1. Deepa Malik

    Inspiring Indian Women
    Image Courtesy: Northeast Today

‘Deepa Malik’, in spite of coming face-to-face with the bare truth of her life that she is suffering from a spinal tumor, didn’t let go off of her dreams which she has always envisioned. She pursued biking and also started swimming. She became the first female athlete who represented India at the Paralympics and won the Arjuna Award in 2012.

  1. Neetu Sarkar

    Inspiring Indian Women
    Image Courtesy: The Voice Of Nation

‘Neetu Sarkar’ fought and lived through all the hardships given to her by none other than but her family. From being forced to marry at the age of 13 to a mentally challenged man to being tried to rape by her father-in-law within a week after the marriage to being forced to remarry, she surpassed all these dreadful events strongly and single-handedly. Later, she went on to win medals one after the other at many national and international events and bagged the title of a successful International wrestler.

  1. Rajani Pandit

    Inspiring Indian Women
    Image Courtesy: Vagabomb

‘Rajani Pandit’ is Maharashtra’s first woman as a private investigator. It was not easy for her parents to let her choose this career path but they let her follow her dream career. Gradually, they began to let go of their worries related to her safety when she got and resolved her first case successfully when she was in college. Today, she has resolved more than 75000 cases with her team of around 30 detectives.

  1. Prema Ramappa

    Inspiring Indian Women
    Image Courtesy: The Economic Times

‘Prema Ramappa’ is the only woman driver who drives BMTC bus in the Bangalore city. She has to take up this job after a sudden demise of her husband because she has a family to look after. Her colleagues call her a ‘daredevil’ and she is, certainly, living up to this title.

All these ladies began to make their presence felt in male-dominated industries by breaking the stereotypes. I, genuinely, salute these women who use their powers in shaping up a better world than those who misuse feminism as a tool for fulfilling selfish means.

Just give it a thought what you would have done had it been you in place of ‘Neetu Sarkar’ who was deceived by her own family. So, break all your shyness away and keep it only for authentic relations. Believe in you and what you like to do!!