India is a nation, currently, driven under a powerful BJP government whose first honorary chairman is former Prime Minister ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee’ but, at present; it is led under our incumbent, honorable Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’. He, who is termed by international media as ‘Bismarck of the East’ leads India under his BJP government with a single-minded focus on turning his promises into actions that have largely generated more fulfillment than a mind-clash among countrymen.

Once criticised by the media to the helm of deep distress, BJP government, stick to its vision for shaping better India, headed innumerable initiatives, such as launch of ‘Make-in-India’ to create jobs, refinement of ‘Bureaucracy’ to end corruption, ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’, and ‘Direct-Cash-Benefit’ (DBT) transfer scheme and ‘Jan-Dhan-Yojana’ to help poor’s, that has brought 360-degree turn and a positive response in favour of him and his political party. Modi led BJP Government has raised the profile of India in the business world internationally and has touched several other sectors and its issues which are, in the present times, showing remarkable improvement.

I have listed few exemplary steps taken by BJP government that show the picture of rising India where its countrymen have been benefitted as well as some deplorable conditions which have brought setbacks to the nation, grossly. Let’s cue on the achievements first and then look onto the disappointments caused.

Image Courtesy: TIMES NIE

Achievements of BJP Government:

  1. Advantages of Demonetisation:

Demonetisation, a year old initiative, has benefitted the Indian economy as it has been able to unveil the black money scam and impure intentions of corrupted men at the core. It has driven its people to go cashless and urged them to make digital transactions.

  1. Advantages of GST-Tax:

GST, a new bloke of taxation, is a single and cooperative linkup between the Indian markets which is levied at the end of final consumption. It has boosted revenue by Rupees 2300 crore which was earlier spent on logistics and inventory. It is proving to be a lot of relief to its countrymen who are saved from the burden being levied upon them with, earlier, 17 indirect laws.

Image Courtesy: Business Standard

Disappointments by BJP Government:

  1. Disadvantages of Demonetisation:

During the period of its implementation, the total fiasco has been observed in the country in the form of long queues outside the banks due to government inefficiency, improper planning, and mismanagement. Destruction of old currency and printing of new currency required a lot of expenditure to be borne by the government. If the total cost of bearing this new overhead is higher than its benefits, then clearly, there is no use of this initiative.

  1. Disadvantages of GST-Tax:

GST has surged up the cost of new homes by 8% which has hit Real-estate sector majorly as it has ceased its demand by 12%. For the disabled group, many services, such as a motored wheelchair, typewriter, and hearing aid, which were, earlier, tax-free, are now included in GST taxation. And, its mid-year launch has, undoubtedly, created a lot of problems and confusions.

Our nation believes that Modi and his economic plans are free from smoke and mirrors. He is a dynamic leader and a down-to-earth person at the same time. He made administrative transparency, at all levels, a patriotic duty and has also shared his significant concern on ‘accountability is good’ for all; including boys. We, the people of India, need a lawful and loveful team like BJP for our better future.