Well, image means the general impression that a person, organization or product presents to the public. Here, we are going to focus mainly on the impression that a person creates to the public as a whole. The society constitutes of so many people of different mentality which are influenced by class, social status. In this advancing virtual world, people are losing the human-like behavior like they are more interested in the issues of United States of America rather than contributing their part to solve the turmoil in their own respective country which is possible due to social media which has free call rates and free texts. Everyone in this world, whether it’s you or  me  each and every person wants to gain best out of all, for instance, every kid at school want best grades, yet everyone isn’t a scholar so the child with the lowest rank would be judged that he or she isn’t serious in studies etcetera by the teachers but what they don’t realise that there may be a possibility that fault is from their side too. This example indicates that sometimes, we as humans fail to understand one another and it also tells us that people run after gold yet, silver and bronze also exists as an option.

Your image
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The famous saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ exemplary for everything, in order to be better it takes time and our society has changed but there are still some events which are unbearable. An image has a powerful impact whether it ends up good or bad depends on the circumstance and thereafter the consequences faced.

One conundrum which is faced by a lot of females in our society is rape which persists until now. Everybody has this still picture fixed in their narrow corners of their mind that the female being raped, if her identity is disclosed in public then no one will ever marry her and her parents will be ashamed because her vagina has undergone penetration. Some would add up that it didn’t happen with our own daughters or wives ever, if it did happen to the concerned female then she would have made a consent to this act and without her permission, it wouldn’t have been possible. The male doesn’t have to face much criticism because we live in a patriarchal society so, the female has to bend down. But, this is a fact that women aren’t so inferior because it is we who give birth to a new life. If women would believe the above-stated arguments then they themselves are stuck in the mesh that constitutes the so-called bad image.

In the end, I would like to conclude that if society judges or hinders us for every step we take or for every voice we rise then we shouldn’t get affected by such mentality. If we do so then we won’t have a strong stand in anything and we won’t be the conqueror of our own choices which is way too important to make a revolutionary impact.