Fight The Hair Loss

Fighting against hair loss is a vital issue that leaves most of the young girls in despair. Girls have a tendency to try out new products every now and then and if it doesn’t work, they quickly hop on to the next, living in doubt that something could bring back the natural texture and health of the hair. In spite of trying endless tricks nothing works and in the end they are forced to rely on antibiotics by their doctors which in turn leaves their whole body system with unexplained side effects. Most of the times, the city’s stress causes hair loss due to immense pollution. Here are some natural ways to stop hair loss.

  1. Meditation –

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Sometimes life takes a complete turn. Depressed thoughts and worries due to stress, results in harsh effects on the physical and mental health. Eventually, everything starts falling out of place when it comes to health. Poor diet and lifestyle habits leaves various effects on the body and this could be the major possibility of immense hair loss. We are bound to live in stress but at times we neglect to take proper care of ourselves. Meditation is one of the most helpful and powerful tools when it comes to terminating all the internal issues. Meditating once or twice in a week will change the way you feel, hence giving the best impression of health. There are various meditation techniques that help in hair growth and to stop hair loss, such as Pranayama. Mastering meditation can increase oxygen flow to the body and scalp which eventually increases the hair growth, maintaining the texture and health of the hair. Meditation also helps to reduce anxiety that could also play the root cause in hair loss.

  1. Mineral Deficiency –

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To survive in life all you need is efficient minerals and vitamins, hence lacking in those will eventually cause major hair loss and breakdown of the whole body system. Lack of efficient minerals in the body will lead to multiple health disorders such as anemia, heart attack or liver damage. Biotin is rich in vitamins and is the soul of your hair, it consists in egg and milk. To maintain mineral efficient diet, you need to add certain zinc and iron rich foods in your routine. These are the iron rich foods; spinach, mung, chickpea, lentil, semolina, cornmeal, rice, bagel, wheat, potato, soybean, spaghetti and ramen to make your diet healthy and perfect. Not only the food, nuts are the most essential part of your diet that would not only keep your hair healthy but also keep your skin and nails away from any internal damage. Iron rich nuts are; Almonds, Peanuts and Cashew nuts to keep your over all body healthy including the texture of your hair. Mineral such as Zinc also plays an essential role in improving the over all health. Zinc rich foods are as follows; beef, steak, maple Syrup, lamb, mutton, veal, crab, barley, bratwurst, cheese, wheat, lentil, spelt, chickpea, fish, and seafood can bring onto positive effects on hair growth and over all well being. Nuts that contain Zinc are; cashew, pecan, walnut, peanut and almond have the best minerals to provide your body and hair with all it needs.

  1. Over use of chemical products –

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Utilizing the shampoos almost every day can damage your hair’s natural texture and it’s overall growth. Harsh chemicals are found in the shampoos that your hair gets consumed in. Sometimes, you may get habitual to use it as it cleans the hair seamlessly but the fact is that it is damaging your hair in the most brutal ways. Chemicals such as Sodium, Paraben, Fragrance, Polyethylene Glycerol consists of not only cancer causing compounds but also sucks entire moisture out of your skin by living in the body for almost upto 5 days. To avoid shampoos from damaging your hair, switching to Ayurveda hair products will be a good option that will fulfill all the requirements that your hair would need.

  1. Hair Massages –

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Asking your mother or grandmother to massage your scalp every twice a week would release various kinds of stress from the entire body that specifically lies in the roots of the hair. It eventually increases the blood flow vital for the brain to receive enough amount of oxygen. The best oil in the market for massaging the scalp is none other than almond oil. Almond oil is rich in minerals that the hair needs for a proper growth and strength, hence maintaining the texture. Coconut oil is also the best way to bring your hair back to its natural sense. Heating the oil for 2-3 minutes on the stove can work the best. Hair massages have various techniques of its own and there are various acupuncture points found on the scalp that helps reduces hair loss and naturally grow your hair eliminating all the stress. You can also find professionals in the spa or a regular hair salon doing it for you.

  1. Consuming Hair Supplements/Vitamins –

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There are various ways to grow your hair to the best quality, consuming hair vitamins and supplements have become a quick way to bring the hair back to life. Popular Hollywood celebrity and make up junkie such as Kylie Jenner brought to light the benefits of hair vitamins and has inspired millions of women internationally to buy the product that she consumes. Hair vitamins or supplements are doing quite the rounds in the online e-commerce market but it is yet to begin the trend in drug stores in India. Going for natural vitamins can mold your attitude towards pharmaceutical products though many people all over the world has started consuming them and they have begun to found a new interest in them ditching other hair growth tools.