India Under BJP Government: One Year Of Demonetisation

India is a nation, currently, driven under a powerful BJP government whose first honorary chairman is former Prime Minister ‘Atal Bihari Vajpayee’ but, at present; it is led under our incumbent, honorable Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’. He, who is termed by international media as ‘Bismarck of the East’ leads India Continue Reading

Air Pollution Alert! Delhiites Gasping for Clean Air

Air pollution is not a new thing for Delhiites. The air quality in Delhi was already poor, now the situation has worsened. Every day Delhiites wake up to breathe air which has become highly contaminated with the soaring levels of PM2.5 and PM10, which have hit to its all-time high Continue Reading

Inspiring stories of Indian women

5 Indian Women Breaking the Stereotypes

My heart skips the beat, my mind goes numb, and my eyebrows rise in surprise when I read jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring real stories of all the Indian women who, in the true sense, are living the rightful meaning of the term empowerment. In this piece of reading, we would bring Continue Reading

Image Courtesy: TDG Magazine

5 Characteristics Of The New Age Woman

Womanhood is the precious gift from God. The New Age Woman cannot only manage herself professionally but can maintain a strong household at the same time. She values education and knows how to have a balanced emotional-self. A workwoman or an average woman of the modern era has no withholdings Continue Reading