UniBrows – Old School Trend?

Love Your Brows Unibrows are trending even if you don’t like it, it won’t stop trending. In the midst where accepting friendly fashion taste is concerned, there is certainly one odd and unfriendly array of ‘joint-brows’ catching all the attention these days. Women are liking it hence, putting ‘no shame’ Continue Reading

Top 5 Websites To Shop Make Up In 0 Shipping Cost.

Websites That Don’t Literally Trouble Shipping! NYKAA – www.Nykaa.com  Nykaa is a blessing that offers an opportunity to feature entire list of high end and drugstore make up brands on the website. It has variations from A-Z and never fails to curate their blog updated with latest beauty trends. It throws Continue Reading

Lip Sprinkles or Holographic Everything?

Best Vs Best – Trending? These make up trends are set to win against the thousand trends in line. Maybe, we could wear this in outer space? Holographic is high fashioned, loud and electrifying make up trend, good enough to give light to basic features of your face. Ever wonder Continue Reading

Beauty YTGuru Aanam Chashmawala’s Secret skincare Tips!

Skincare Tips From The Best! Fashion and beauty Youtube guru Aanam Chashmawala, popularly known as “Aanam C” for her vivid and ecstatic personality, you would often come across pleasing mini beauty tutorials on her Instagram handle. She makes sure beauty enthusiasts are on their toes with beauty and fashion updates Continue Reading

One Make Up Trend- You Need To Know (Hair Nostrils Extensions)

2017 Year of Craziness? Though we have been all through bizarre and fancy make up trends that twirled off 2017 and left the year with new and existing trends that displayed unpleasant looks may it be tongues going glittered or uncanny fashion brow experiments. It was intriguing to notice make Continue Reading

It’s Okay To Not Feel Okay: Tips To Fight Depression!

Say Goodbye To Depression. Did you wake up in the morning feeling not so okay? Here are 5 good tips that will keep you away from distress feelings. Take Up A Hobby! Since empty mind is a devil’s workshop, taking up a hobby will ride you through many challenges and Continue Reading