7 Things All Engineering Aspirants must know

Our world is at its golden glory of development. Brand new technologies and easier techniques are making its way into our lives every day. And that is one reason why we have more engineers in this world than any other professionals. With so much of talented professionals being ‘ a Continue Reading

A voyage to the God’s Own Country, Kerala

Planning for a vacation? Pack your bags to experience the wonders of the God’s Own country; Kerala. The cool breeze and green stretch, among the tropics of Kerala, is certainly the best destination for a perfect vacation. Kerala is one the most visited tourist place in all over India. There Continue Reading

Solution to Career Dilemma: Top 10 Different careers

Wanna do something differently? Why not try these blossoming career paths. Choosing a career is certainly one of the biggest decisions in everyone’s life. Passion, Success, Money, Family, a hundred thoughts rush into one’s brain even for the simplest thought of choosing a career. About three-quarters of the student community Continue Reading

Health Matters: Eat Healthy Live Happy

We believe veggies are healthy. But is it really true? Once upon a time, vegetables were a source of vitamins and minerals. A green diet was considered one of the most healthy diet. Carrots for vitamin A, lemons for vitamin C, pulses, and grams of proteins were all true. But Continue Reading

India; What Do We Need?

India is budding into the category of developed nations. At this point what changes are essentially needed to our nation? Indians are one of the smartest brains in the world. Be it man on the moon or an Oscar-winning movie,- Hands of an Indian will be certainly there behind the Continue Reading

The Positive effect of Social Media in Youngsters

Social Media is held responsible most number of times for the increasing cases of cyber crimes and irresponsibility among the youth. Does it have a positive side? Keep it a minute away…and there beeps the next notification. This happens with most of us. Managing a million friends and followers on many Continue Reading