About Us

Indian Bigul is an Internet media company started by a group of youngsters from Delhi. The group aims to provide a platform for its user to express their opinions and share it with the world in the way they want to.

The single objective of Indian Bigul is to drop the restriction of its user while they pen down their views, before sharing it with us and the society. Communicate your opinions the way you want, and share it with the world as it is. Each one of us should have the liberty to present our beliefs, evaluations, and our agreements/disagreements on subjects that trouble us the most, in a style comfortable with us. So, say it loud, say it here.

Why is Indian Bigul different?

Indian Bigul allows anyone and everyone to share their own opinions irrespective of their education, or literacy levels. If you have something that you want to share with the mass, write to us using the contact form and share your idea. If it is good enough, we will help you express your views in the best possible way.

Indian Bigul | Blow your trumpet for the things that matter.